Plumbing, Water & Gas

Plumbing & Gas

Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

Dripping faucets and runny toilets may seem like a small inconvenience, but over time, they cost money in water waste and constant repairs. At Parrish Services, we’ll let you know if a new fixture or replacement piping is a more cost-effective option. Parrish Priority Service plans also help maintain aging plumbing so you are less likely to face the expensive and inconvenient effects of mineral buildup, pipe clogging and sewer backups. Schedule service online or call (571)-650-1016 to request plumbing service for kitchens or bathrooms.

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Pipe Repair & Replacement

Don’t wait for a small pipe leak to turn into a midnight emergency. Call Parrish Services to request plumbing service or maintenance visits. It’s easy and convenient with our online appointment scheduling, video chat diagnostics and remote sales calls. In addition to pipe and plumbing repair, Parrish Services replaces corroding pipe systems, provides trenchless sewer repair, renovates kitchens and bathrooms and updates aging fixtures. No need for multiple contractors; our mechanical team can manage your whole project, start to finish.

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Drain Cleaning

As a proactive Northern VA homeowner, you can avoid drain and sewer backups with scheduled plumbing maintenance from the Parrish pros. Plumbing problems can go from bad to worse before you know it. When you call Parrish at the first sign of trouble, we’ll remove drain buildup using snakes, hydro-jet systems and other safe, non-toxic methods that are gentle on your pipes—and safe for your family. Call today if you see early signs of plumbing trouble: pooling water around shower drains, slow sinks and tubs, musty bath odors or gurgling sounds when appliances drain. Schedule online for Parrish drain services, or call our friendly team to request an appointment!

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Water Heater Service

Hot water is an essential home conveniences, and its availability rides on the thankless work of your basement or utility room water heater. Your home’s water heater works around the clock to deliver hot morning showers, help with home chores or keep you caffeinated on long workdays. When your workhorse appliance fails, it brings the household to a standstill, fast. Before panic takes over, call 703.659.6069 to request routine or emergency service. Parrish technicians are trained to repair and install tank and tankless models, and our knowledgeable sales representatives can help you choose the best option for your home and budget.

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Water Treatment & Softeners

Water softeners remove minerals from well water or municipal tap water sources. Calcium and magnesium are the most common minerals found in Northern Virginia’s domestic water system, and they shorten the lifespan of water-using appliances. Parrish Services recommends and installs water softeners and water treatment systems tailored to the needs of your well or tap water system. This affordable equipment helps prevent clogged shower heads, sink and toilet stains, dull laundry, white rings around faucets & fixtures, or dry, itchy skin from hard water. Contact our team to request a water test for your NoVA home today!

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Water & Sewer Repair

Few of us think about our plumbing or sewer pipes until disaster strikes and our home fills with clean or dirty water. If your basement has become damp or musty, it’s wise to call the Parrish pros. Our skilled, certified technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostics to take pictures of water or sewer lines and assess their condition. Then, we recommend next steps: monitoring the situation or replacing pipes and sewer parts. Early action prevents line failure, home and life disruption or costly contamination cleanup. Trust Parrish Services to pinpoint breaks and clogs, clear obstructions and refurbish degraded pipes.

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Well Water Service

If you live outside a municipal water system and rely on well-water for drinking, cooking, bathing or laundry, drops in well pressure or changes in water quality can be disruptive—and dangerous. If you’re seeing signs of water pump failure or believe that your water is contaminated, don’t wait to call an expert. Parrish Services provides repair, replacement and maintenance for your NoVA well, including emergency pump repair and water quality testing.  Call (571)-650-1016 to request service or inquire about annual well maintenance.

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Sump Pump Service

Sump pumps protect your foundation from the hazards of dripping groundwater, seasonal storms and invasive snowmelt. In some Northern VA communities, perpetual water exposure leads to untold thousands in foundation and home repairs or basement restoration. Excess groundwater and stormwater can seep into your home or basement unnoticed, leading to finished basement damage, crawl space flooding, foundation cracks, insects infestation and surface unhealthy mold growth. Parrish maintains and repairs sump pumps before the problem gets out of hand—so your basement remains dry and your foundation stays sound.

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Plumbing & Water Maintenance

Your pipes and plumbing are a complex infrastructure that makes meals, personal care and home clean-up a breeze. But without proper repair and maintenance, pipes, fixtures and plumbing components can develop costly problems over time. Just one small leak can lead to dangerous mold or mildew growth, and large pipe breaches can stain your fixtures, damage walls and furnishings or run up water bills. Schedule service with Parrish before plumbing problems become more than just an inconvenience.

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Gas Lines & Conversions

Parrish Services’ licensed contractors bring equipment, skill and experience to your gas line conversion—without the need for multiple subcontractors and third parties. Trust our highly skilled technicians to submit your plans, obtain permits, perform excavation and complete all electrical and gas plumbing work. From gas line coordination and inspection schedules to setting up new appliance connections, we make gas line service safe and hassle-free. If necessary, we can also modify your electrical supply!

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