Wi-Fi Thermostats

Northern Virginia Wi-Fi Thermostats

Millions of homeowners operate central HVAC systems when no one is home—or heat and cool spaces that are rarely occupied. At Parrish Services, we help customers eliminate energy waste and combat bloated utility bills. Smart thermostats enable residents to fine-tune their AC and heating systems while saving money and achieving “just right” indoor comfort. And with programmable Wi-Fi technology, you can manage home climate from your handy companion app or mobile browser.

Set & Forget Traditional Thermostats 

To maintain consistent indoor temperatures, heating and cooling systems rely on accurately calibrated thermostats. Thermostats respond to shifting ambient temperatures and activate HVAC equipment to restore a home’s preset comfort point. For optimal results, AC and heating systems must be sized and placed correctly, based on a home’s square footage, footprint and other factors. Correctly sized heaters and air conditioners deliver consistent temperature control without the need for frequent thermostat changes.

When equipment is undersized or oversized, it may result in temperature inconsistencies, humidity imbalances and the need to frequently adjust the thermostat. Frequent thermostat adjustments may also cause HVAC components to wear down prematurely. Whenever possible, it is best to “set and forget” your non-programmable thermostat.

Thermostat Services by Parrish

Parrish Services’ certified technicians calibrate central air thermostats when they arrive for your annual Priority Service Plan checkup. With routine, professional maintenance from the Parrish pros, your home’s indoor climate equipment receives the care it needs to perform reliably, year after year.

Time for a new thermostat? Ask a Parrish Services technician to install a smart device during your next visit. Today’s Wi-Fi thermostat models “learn” your comfort preferences and include features like remote climate management, energy reporting, indoor air quality tracking, zoned temperature control and more.

A Parrish Priority Service Plan gives you time to focus on the important things, like family and friends, business and professional goals or self-care activities. Go beyond the HVAC system: Ask technicians about maintenance plans for all of your home’s mechanical equipment. Before long, you’ll swap those daunting weekend chores for no-hassle comfort and peace of mind. Call (571)-650-1016 to sign up for a Priority Service Plan now.

Five Advantages of Wi-Fi “Smart” Thermostats

Today’s sleek, intuitive Wi-Fi devices function as mini-computers, giving you ultimate control over every facet of indoor climate and air quality. Support green-living initiatives, reduce carbon emissions and intelligently cool your home with these eco-friendly devices. If you’re still on the fence about replacing that old, analog thermostat with a smart model, consider the benefits:

  1. Wi-Fi thermostats are intuitively programmed and easily adjusted on the fly. Change your home’s temperature from near or far with a handy companion app or quick browser login.
  2. Smart temperature control lets you adjust indoor climate from anywhere. When summer days are warmer than usual, use your smartphone to lower the thermostat a few degrees before you get home. 
  3. Do you travel during the winter months? With Wi-Fi thermostats, you can monitor home furnace function and keep an eye out for carbon monoxide leaks or signs of a heating breakdown.
  4. Smart thermostats alert you to central air conditioning problems, like dirty filters, low refrigerant or clogged evaporator coils. With your thermostat app, you’ll always have the information you need—so you can react before an emergency arises.
  5. Set Wi-Fi thermostats to create the ideal indoor climate for all occupants, regardless of schedules. Create one temperature profile for workdays and another for weekends, overnights and holidays. Program your thermostat based on family living patterns—or create a custom schedule for each occupant.
  6. Track energy use over time. With today’s robust thermostat technology, you can track daily and monthly energy use, create reports, set up “zones” for cooling and heating, and reduce emissions with energy-saving options.

Parrish Total Home Services

When your day is disrupted by broken pipes or an air conditioner that won’t cool, call our certified team: (571)-650-1016. We’re available 24/7 for home emergencies, and comprehensive repair services include:

  • Furnace repair
  • Pipe repair & replacement
  • Electrical repairs
  • Central air conditioning repair
  • Well services
  • Drain cleaning & hydro-jetting
  • Water heater replacement
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • Sewer line repairs & replacement

Automate Your Smart Home

Parrish’s certified electrical, HVAC and plumbing technicians use the latest technology to provide total home control. Before we install smart-tech systems that regulate your home’s climate, security alarms, lighting and other house features, we provide a convenient video consultation and equipment estimate. Call (571)-650-1016 or connect with Parrish online to request a quote for Wi-Fi thermostats and home technology.