Boiler Service & Repair in Northern VA

Boilers provide consistent, radiant warmth for Northern Virginia homes, keeping residents comfortable during winter winds, ice and snow. As a dependable, efficient option for central heating, boilers supply comfortable, even temperatures without the drying effects of forced air. If you’re a boiler owner, you understand the benefits of this popular heating appliance, including dust-free warmth and low-noise performance.

Whether you are thinking of installing a new heating system or you’re maintaining equipment in an aging home, Parrish Services is a NoVA boiler expert supplying installation, repair and maintenance services for these traditional boiler types:

  • Circulating hot water systems that distribute heat through wall radiators.
  • Hot water systems that circulate heated water to baseboard heaters
  • Radiant floor systems that circulate hot water through in-floor piping

Advantages of Boiler Heating Systems

Powered most often by inexpensive natural gas or fuel oil, newer boilers can reach efficiencies of 98.5 percent, according to Consumer Reports. When older boilers are routinely inspected and carefully maintained, they can produce efficiencies of 80 percent or more. The combination of low-cost fuel and high energy efficiency makes boiler systems an exceptional heating value for Northern VA homes.

Boilers also have a long lifespan: from 15 to 30 years or longer. Additional advantages of boiler heating systems include:

  • Clean, dust-free heat
  • Even temperatures
  • Zoned heating options
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy maintenance

Trust Parrish for Boiler Maintenance

Even the best heating systems can fail if they are not well-maintained. Parrish Priority Service Plans take the worry out of home maintenance. Before heating season begins, a Parrish Services representative will contact you to schedule an annual heating inspection, tune-up and warranty service. For full transparency, your heating inspection data and HVAC records are stored conveniently and securely in the cloud, allowing you to access them anytime by browser or app.

Choose the Best Boiler Replacement

When an aging boiler starts to lose efficiency and requires frequent repairs, consult the Parrish Services heating experts for replacement and upgrades. We install boilers from top-rated manufacturers and offer remote or on site consultations that fit your demanding schedule. Call 703.659.6069 to discuss boiler pricing and financing options or to request information about boiler alternatives for your Virginia home.

When you’re ready to buy a boiler, Parrish Services will help you narrow down the best heating appliance for your home’s age, layout and ventilation type. The ENERGY STAR website is also a good place to begin your research, since ENERGY STAR-rated heating systems will save you energy and money over time. Consider these questions as you search for a boiler that will last for decades:

  • What is your preferred power source? Options include natural gas, propane or fuel oil.
  • What size boiler do you need? Parrish Services provides precision sizing for best heating results.
  • What efficiency rating is best for your comfort and sustainability goals? Many of today’s boilers are ENERGY STAR-certified for green homes. You may also wish to consider alternative heating sources like geothermal systems. We can discuss your options during a convenient virtual consultation.
  • What features and options suit your needs? Features include modulation, heat output staging, condensing and others.
  • What type of venting or heat delivery system does or will your home have? Options may include wall radiators, baseboard heating or in-floor piping.

Parrish Services: Northern VA Boiler Pros

Parrish Services strives to be a different kind of home repair company: one that supplies turnkey solutions for every heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical need. We value your time, so we use mobile communication and app-based solutions to make home maintenance more convenient. Parrish Services’ technicians are trained and certified to care for all your home’s vital systems. Trust our NoVA HVAC company to act as a “home maintenance concierge” for these services and more:

Who do you call when your boiler breaks? Parrish Services: (571)-650-1016.

You can also schedule plumbing repairs, HVAC, and electrical service or maintenance or by connecting online or calling our office. For your convenience, we provide video sales calls and diagnostics, so you can get all the VA boiler information you need from the comfort of your house.

For ultimate peace of mind during heating season and year-round, invest in a Parrish Priority Service Plan—and keep us on speed-dial for boiler or furnace emergencies.