Water Softeners & Treatment Systems

Water Treatment in Northern VA

Municipalities in Northern Virginia work hard to ensure the quality and safety of area water supplies, but discriminating homeowners want household water to meet more than minimum standards. Parrish Services sells and installs water softeners and treatment systems that remove contaminants and improve water quality. Soft water contains fewer corrosive minerals to discolor kitchen and bathroom fixtures, deposit scale on pipes and dull laundry. Water filters effectively remove trace chemicals that cause odors, foul tastes and health risks for your family.

Water Softeners Improve Water Quality

Water softeners remove dissolved minerals from well water and municipal tap water. Calcium and magnesium are the most common and problematic minerals found in No. VA domestic water. These dissolved minerals shorten the life of water-using appliances and create household problems including:

  • Staining on sinks, toilets & tubs
  • Clogged showerheads & faucets
  • Increased amounts of detergent needed for cleaning 
  • Spots and white rings on dishes & countertops
  • Dull, gray laundry
  • Scale on pipes

Traditional & No-Salt Water Softeners

Traditional water softeners use a chemical process to replace the calcium and magnesium in hard water with sodium ions. Newer technologies deliver soft water without sodium. Connect with Parrish Services to discuss the advantages of each type of water softener.

Clean, Healthy Water for the Whole Family

Have you ever noticed the smell of chlorine when you turn on the tap? Does your well water look cloudy and contain sediments? Do you worry that water supply standards allow too many harmful trace elements? Parrish Services has the solution to cleaner, fresher and healthier water for your home—water filters and treatment systems. These advanced filtration methods remove contaminants, giving you better tasting water and peace of mind for your family’s safety. Treatment systems remove worrisome substances including:

  • Sediments
  • Chemicals 
  • Bacteria
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Iron & other elements
  • Heavy metals

Whole House & Point-of-Use Water Filters

Northern Virginia homeowners depend on the Parrish team of triple-certified plumbing, electrical and HVAC technicians to install and maintain all types of water treatment systems for water from wells or municipal providers.

Whole house treatment systems, installed where the water supply line enters the house, treat the large quantities of water which supply your bathrooms, kitchen and laundry areas. These systems supply filtered water to appliances, heating systems, toilets, washers and taps. They are designed to maintain adequate flow volume throughout your water system. Whole house treatment systems can be combined with a water softener to provide both softened and filtered water.

Point-of-use (POI) filter units are placed near faucets, often under a sink or at the refrigerator supply line. These smaller systems supply limited amounts of filtered water directly where needed for drinking, cooking and washing. POI systems usually consist of multiple treatment stages including activated carbon filtration and reverse osmosis.

Parrish Saves You Time & Money

When you call Parrish Services for water issues, we enlist mobile technology for your convenience. Our certified technicians troubleshoot most plumbing repairs and well services remotely, saving multiple trips to your home. If replacement equipment is needed, we employ video sales calls to save you time. Schedule a water treatment or plumbing appointment with Parrish online or call 703.659.6069 to speak with a Parrish technician.