Sump Pumps

Northern Virginia Sump Pumps

Pooling water, damp walls and the smell of basement mildew indicate moisture problems. Left untreated, excess moisture leads to foundation cracks or adverse health effects from mold spores and pest diseases. A properly installed sump pump from Parrish Services can save your NoVA home from these hazards.

When you first spot standing water or wet walls, snap a photo or video and text it to (571)-650-1016 for an expert evaluation. Our team makes plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling home repairs as convenient as possible with remote diagnosis, video sales, prompt appointments and cloud-based recordkeeping. As a licensed mechanical contractor, Parrish installs sump pump systems with proper permits, equipment and inspections, so you know the job is done right—the first time.

How Does a Sump Pump Protect Your Home? 

A sump pump sits at the lowest level of your home, usually in a basement or crawlspace pit, to collect unwanted water. When flooding fills the pit, the sump pump activates. Water drains out of the hole and away from your home’s foundation, preserving structural integrity and keeping your basement dry. In areas where flooding is expected, the most effective sump pump systems include additional features like battery-powered backup pumps and water alarms. 

Check Your Sump Pump Regularly

Like neglected fire alarms, unmaintained sump pumps can fail. Parrish Services makes sump pump maintenance easy for busy homeowners. Schedule a checkup online now or call (571)-650-1016 to set up recurring inspections. Parrish Priority Maintenance Plans keep your sump pump charged and ready to tackle the next drainage challenge. 

Sump Pump Systems Protect Property

Sump pumps shield your home’s foundation from seeping groundwater, seasonal rains and snowmelt. In the Northern VA lowlands, recurring water damage can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs and restoration. Stormwater and excess groundwater can infiltrate your home at any time, leading to problems like these:

  • Finished basement flooding & damage
  • Crawl space flooding & damage
  • Structural foundation cracks
  • Poor landscape drainage
  • Damage from insects
  • Surface mold & mildew

Prevent costly and unhealthy problems by calling Parrish Services at the first sign of trouble. Our certified plumbing and electrical experts design carefree sump pump systems that keep basements dry, foundations structurally sound and families safe.

Parrish Sump Pump Services

Homeowners who value convenience appreciate the Parrish Difference. We save you time and money with comprehensive plumbing, electrical and indoor climate services from our team of multi-certified professionals. One call to Parrish Services, (571)-650-1016, puts you in touch with a turnkey contractor licensed and equipped to perform the whole job—without delays for third parties and subcontractors.

Count on the Parrish team for these sump pump services: 

  • On-site evaluation
  • Obtaining permits
  • Sump pump installation
  • Sump pump repair
  • Testing & maintenance
  • Water alarm installation
  • Piping & drain layout
  • Electrical & battery hook-ups
  • Backup sump pump systems
  • Water-powered sump pumps

Types of Northern VA Sump Pump Systems

Your sump pump is an indispensable line of defense protecting your home, furnishings and flooring from costly water damage. Parrish Services installs, repairs and maintains several sump-pump types, and our plumbing specialists take time to teach you the pros and cons of each.

If your primary pump is powered by electricity, it is wise to have a backup option. Storms in NoVA are often sudden and unpredictable—and power outages or electrical issues may cause your primary pump to fail. Parrish Services installs battery-backup and water-powered pump styles that lend peace of mind during lengthy outages or catastrophic storms.

BATTERY BACKUP SUMP PUMPS: A battery-backup pump is simple to install, requires little maintenance and safeguards your home from water infiltration using a deep-cycle marine battery. We recommend replacing the pump battery every three to five years and having a team of certified plumbing technicians test all sump pumps during a yearly plumbing inspection.

Advantages of battery-backup devices include:

  • Affordable & low maintenance design
  • Performance during outages & electrical failures
  • Auto-charging of pump battery
  • Alarmed models that alert you when pump is in use
  • Secondary pump service during excessive flooding

WATER-POWERED SUMP PUMPS: Depending on your budget and home needs, the Parrish Services team may recommend water-powered backup sump pumps instead of battery-powered models. Northern VA water-powered sump pumps use pressure from municipal water sources to expel water from the pump. Water-powered pumps can’t be installed in homes relying on well water.

These devices cost more to install and are more expensive to run, but they offer a range of advantages, too:

  • No battery to drain or replace
  • Compatibility with most city water lines
  • Operational during outages & electrical failures
  • Quiet operation

Prepare Now for the Next Downpour

Don’t wait until heavy rains or rising water tables threaten your home’s foundation. Consult the plumbing experts at Parrish Services, (571)-650-1016, for no-fail sump pump systems. Snap a photo of worrisome basement cracks or moisture, and we’ll design a solution to keep you dry. For your convenience, you can also schedule online for an on-site appointment.