Generator Repairs

Generator Repairs Manassas, VA

Automatic standby generators restore your home’s power supply within minutes of disruption. Backup power allows your family to stay home when VA storms down regional power lines or wipe out electricity for days or weeks. Generators also save you money by keeping essential appliances and lighting operational. Preserve your perishable foods, maintain security system function and continue your home and work activities with a reliable standby power device.

When your standby generator is not functioning as it should, ask a Parrish Services technician about reliable generator repairs in Northern Virginia. You never know when an outage will hit, and you can’t afford to be without your generator!

Two Experts Repairing Generator In Manassas, VA

Parrish Services Generator Repairs

To avoid emergency generator repairs, Parrish certified experts recommend having generators inspected annually. Common maintenance tasks and generator repairs in Manassas and include:

  • Cleaning corroded battery connections & changing dead batteries
  • Replacing worn-out belts
  • Checking & tightening hose connections
  • Fixing damaged valves
  • Replacing clogged fuel filters
  • Adjusting gas pressure
  • Resetting tripped circuit breakers
  • Removing fuel line moisture
  • Testing battery strength
  • Replacing starters
  • Replacing control boards
  • Repairing or replacing faulty radiators or engines      

Don’t Risk a Flooded Basement 

Generators and sump pumps are two of the most helpful devices you can have during a storm. If you depend on a sump pump to keep your basement from flooding, unexpected power failures could leave you vulnerable to major property damage. Parrish Services prevents property loss and replacement costs by linking sump pump systems to a dedicated battery backup—or connecting them to standby generators. Contact Parrish Services online for an estimate!

Is Your Generator Is Ready for Action?

Professional generator maintenance helps ensure Generac standby generators and other backup power sources perform reliably at a moment’s notice. Between annual maintenance appointments with our certified technicians, Parrish Services also recommends reviewing and adhering to manufacturer maintenance and warranty instructions laid out in your owner’s manual.

When Parrish technicians arrive for your annual generator checkup, they will perform a checklist of tasks tailored to the make, model and age of your device. Steps may include:

  • Clearing debris from inside & outside casing, intake louvers & exhaust vents.
  • Checking control panel fuses.
  • Cleaning battery terminals, verifying battery strength & testing electrical connections.
  • Checking fuel system assembly, gas pressure & connections.
  • Changing oil, spark plugs & air filters.
  • Testing transfer switch. (While your generator probably self-tests on a weekly basis, transfer switch testing is conducted during annual maintenance.)
  • Checking all wiring for corrosion & pest damage.
  • Verifying generator’s power capacity output.

Leave Maintenance to the Pros

When it feels like every minute of your day is spoken for, there’s no time for home maintenance. Trust Parrish Services turnkey Priority Service Plans and concierge mechanical services to bring organization to household chaos. Our certified team of technicians maintains all plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems—often in a single visit. You receive a detailed report of the inspections, and all appliance testing and safety results are store on the cloud for transparent access. You will receive notification of all services performed and parts replaced, and you can contact our team or track a technician’s arrival on our handy mobile app!

Losing Power? Upgrade Your System!

Does your home sometimes lose power due to system overload? Today’s mobile devices, charging stations and power-hungry appliances can put untold strain on your home electrical system. If lights are dimming when large electrical loads come online or outages frequently disrupt your family time and productivity, you may need an upgraded electrical panel. A Parrish Services technician will give you an upfront estimate for panels that can power tech gadgets and added appliances.

Connect online with a licensed Northern VA electrician for generator repair in Manassas or request an onsite evaluation of your home power needs. You can also call our team at (571)-650-1016 to schedule an appointment.