Priority Service Plans

Hassle-Free Home Comfort by Parrish

The joys of home ownership come at a cost—maintenance chores, emergency breakdowns and inefficient mechanical systems. Plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical systems carry a workload 24/7, all year long. Annual inspections and seasonal tune-ups ensure these home mechanical systems stay operational and safe. Delaying maintenance risks breakdowns, expensive repairs or equipment replacement. 

Busy professionals in Northern Virginia have an alternative to weekends spent on DIY home projects. Parrish Services offers Priority Service Plans tailored to your home’s maintenance needs. Connect online or call (571)-650-1016 to sign up for customized heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and back-up generator maintenance by certified Parrish professionals. You’ll enjoy carefree weekends while Parrish performs routine maintenance, documents warranty service and keeps your home’s mechanical systems working smoothly.

Regular Maintenance Boosts Performance

Small problems become costly repairs when routine maintenance is neglected. Dirty filters make heating and cooling units work harder and use more energy. Excess pressure and leaky plumbing cause hidden damage and high water bills. Overloaded electrical circuits create fire hazards, and neglected generators might not function during a power failure. When you don’t have time to keep up with home maintenance, enlist the Parrish plumbing, electrical and HVAC pros so you can rest easy.   

Benefits of Parrish Priority Service Plans

Car owners rely on a dealership or favorite mechanic for consistent automobile service. When you sign up for a Priority Service Plan, you develop the same kind of trustworthy relationship with professionals who care for your home. Parrish triple-certified technicians possess the specialized knowledge to attend to all your home’s mechanical systems in one visit. We document work performed and store records in our cloud-based app where you can access them at your convenience. You will value our premium service, transparent communications and these additional plan benefits:

  • Service notifications 
  • Priority scheduling
  • Time-saving mobile communications
  • Warranty service records maintained & accessible
  • Work performed safely, lawfully & with technical proficiency
  • Licensed, bonded & insured work under VA Class-A Contractor License #2705038448
  • Customized plans to match your needs
  • Exclusive discounts for plan members
  • Discounts up to 15% off all services and discounted emergency service or trip fees

Parrish Is Your Concierge Home Service Provider

Few home service companies offer the comprehensive expertise you find with the Parrish team. A licensed contractor in three trades, Parrish offers a higher level of service, meticulous adherence to professional standards, quality workmanship and fair pricing. Call to create your own customized maintenance plan or schedule priority service online.