Generator Monitoring

Generator Monitoring & Maintenance Manassas, VA

Residents throughout Northern VA rely on the promise of backup power sources to keep homes safe and productive when natural disasters or civil emergencies disrupt the grid. To perform season after season, your generator needs proper maintenance and periodic service. And that’s why homeowners throughout the region are partnering with Parrish Services for dependable, all-season generator monitoring and maintenance.

Parrish Services’ factory-trained and certified home tech experts install, repair and service all major brands and models of portable and standby generators. To request a maintenance plan, schedule a generator checkup or inquire about generator replacement, call (571)-650-1016 today.

Wi-Fi Monitoring for Reliability & Convenience

Unless a power outage calls it to action, your home’s standby generator sits idle. Long periods of disuse frequently may give rise to mechanical or electrical issues—and you may wonder if your generator will work when the next outage arrives. Without regular monitoring, your standby or portable generator could fail when you need it most. That’s where we come in!

Standby generators are programmed to run weekly diagnostic tests that ensure their readiness. With off-site generator monitoring, homeowners have peace of mind knowing that Parrish Services receives these generator reports. This data allows our certified electrical technicians to service or repair your generator when needed—and long before the next nor’easter, ice storm or grid failure hits.

To assure streamlined backup power when an emergency arises, homeowners also need testing for transfer switches. Included with Parrish Services’ monitoring and maintenance plans is annual testing for transfer switches, which is done during your once-yearly generator service visit and safety checkup.

Generator monitoring is an especially wise addition to smart home automation. If you are upgrading your home’s mechanical systems to include additional smart tech solutions, ask a Parrish technician about elevating home comfort and security with added smart home features like learning thermostats, auto-alarm systems, smart locks and security lighting, media systems and more.

Remote Generator Monitoring for Peace of Mind

If you are considering a generator monitoring system, schedule a convenient remote consultation with Parrish team members. Solutions include Wi-Fi monitoring for new generator installations and older retrofits, which allow you to manage backup power and settings remotely—from any location. Your monitoring control panel is set to interface with a handy app, allowing you to check fuel supplies, tailor notifications and deliver periodic diagnostic reports from any smart device or computer.

Schedule Maintenance for Years of Generator Service

Regular inspections and maintenance prevent early generator failure and ensure reliable backup power for years to come. Designed for busy professionals and time-tight families, Parrish Priority Service Plans include full generator checkups that protect home occupants and extend equipment life. With our high-performance monitoring and maintenance plans, you can be sure your generator will kick into action when it’s needed, day or night. And when you leave your home for vacation, your generator is in good hands with our trained monitoring team.

Parrish Services’ certified technicians perform these manufacturer-recommended checks and more during your scheduled visit:

  • Inspect generator installation & positioning
  • Remove accumulated debris around intake & exhaust vents
  • Check battery voltage & amperage output (#1 generator failure)
  • Check & replace control panel fuses 
  • Verify gas pressure
  • Simulate a power outage to test auto-transfer switch function & load shedding modules
  • Replace oil & filter
  • Verify winterization kit & Wi-Fi connection
  • Check for gas leaks

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Generating Security for Your Family

For many VA homeowners, a portable generator provides the best solution for short-term power disruptions. Remember, though, these handy devices have real safety risks if misused. Keep your family safe and your generator operating reliably with Parrish Services maintenance. If you are new to generators, our factory-trained technicians will provide safety training during their visit.

For smooth conversion to portable power in an emergency, call (571)-650-1016 to request an estimate for full-service generator and interlock switch installation.