Lighting & Ceiling Fans

Lighting & Ceiling Fans in Northern VA

LED upgrades, ceiling fan installation and other lighting updates are some of the most affordable, simple ways to update your living space. At Parrish Services, we provide lighting installation and retrofits that lend style and functionality to home lighting schemes. Trust our certified electrical technicians to wire new light fixtures and fans, ensure electrical safely, install convenient dimmer switches—and assure every detail of our work meets stringent building codes and product warranty requirements.

Parrish Home Improvement Services

When light fixtures look outdated and aging ceiling fans are wobbling, you’re probably overdue for a Parrish Services’ lighting and fan consultation. Turn to the turnkey home service pros, (571)-650-1016, to transform your property’s interior and exterior. Parrish Services electrical technicians provide lighting and wiring services like these and more:

  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Pendant lights & wall sconces
  • Added electrical outlets or upgraded wiring systems
  • Dimmer switches
  • Outdoor security lighting
  • Replacement LED lights
  • Wi-Fi thermostats
  • Smart home automation
  • Indoor & outdoor accent lighting

Control Lighting With Smart Home Automation

SMART home technology puts you in control of indoor and outdoor illumination, HVAC climate control and more. Call Parrish Services—(571)-650-1016—to schedule a video sales call. You can reach us online, too! Request a 24/7 estimate for smart tech installation and lighting automation. 

Upgrade to LED Fixtures

LED light bulbs and stylish light fixtures or fans headline popular home improvement lists. When Parrish Services replaces incandescent lighting with high-efficiency LEDs, Northern VA homeowners may experience up to 80 percent less energy use for their lighting systems. LED lights also require less maintenance and last five to 10 years longer than traditional fixtures. Additional advantages of a whole-house LED upgrade include:

  • Stylish designs, from retro Edison bulbs to sleek pendant arrays
  • Cool-running bulbs that won’t heat the room
  • Reduced need for hard-to-reach bulb replacement
  • Tints, color temperatures & directional lighting choices
  • Small & flexible lighting versatility for shelves, artwork & cabinets
  • Durable lights for outdoor accent & security use
  • Compatibility with smart technology & home automation

Ceiling Fans Add Style & Save Energy

In addition to their proven practicality, fans are an eye-catching addition to homes with high or low ceilings. Invented over a century ago, these high-efficiency fixtures complement your home’s decor with revitalized designs that suit personal taste and home architecture. Choose from traditional globe fans, tropical palm-frond blade styles, industrial/contemporary metal fan styles and outdoor/patio ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are an important part of making your home more efficiency. Delivering notable energy savings for homes with central heating and cooling systems, they can facilitate temperature changes up to five degrees per room. Parrish-installed fans also reduce utility bills through a simple process: 

  • During summer, ceiling fans improve airflow and room circulation by forcing air downward to create a breeze for room occupants. This allows residents to raise their thermostats a few degrees. Remember, the cost of operating a ceiling fan is far less than cooling your home with central AC!
  • In winter, ceiling fan rotation can be reversed—pushing warm air downward and drawing cool air toward the ceiling. Heat is more evenly distributed, and thermostats can be kept at a lower temperature. 

Parrish Services’ home ventilation experts can advise you on ceiling fan sizing and placement and help you optimize comfort and energy savings during summer and winter! Schedule your consultation online or call (571)-650-1016 for upfront on ceiling fan installation.