Filter Store

Filtration without the fuss!

We offer FilterFetch because it offers great benefits for our clients!

  • ​Enjoy top-quality, professionally recommended filters delivered right to your door
  • Get email reminders that it’s time to order new filters
  • No more having to remember the filter size – FilterFetch stores your preferred filter information for HVAC systems, humidifiers, and air cleaners 
  • Regularly changing filters helps keep your systems running more efficiently, effectively, and safely

Already using FilterFetch? 

You can ask us:

  • to change your filter reminders – you can change the product, your email address, or the email send date; or
  • for a recommendation.

New to FilterFetch? 

Here’s how to set up your own FilterFetch account:

  • Go to
  • Enter “CAL” in the search window
  • Click the “Find My Filter” button
  • Search for and order filters for your home