Well Services

Northern Virginia Well Services

If you live outside a municipal water system, you depend on well water for drinking, cooking, bathing and laundry. A sudden drop in well pressure or change in water quality disrupts household productivity and risks family health. When pump failure or water contamination compromise Northern Virginia water wells, rural homeowners connect with Parrish Services, (571)-650-1016for 24/7 pump repair and well services. 

Well Service for Busy Lifestyles

With Parrish, you won’t pay for multiple trips to diagnose and repair your rural water system. Our certified plumbing and electrical technicians use mobile technology to save you time, money and frustration with:

  • Video identification of existing equipment
  • Mobile app to troubleshoot repairs
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Secure, cloud-based payment options
  • Easy access to cloud storage of project quotes, sales transactions & maintenance logs
  • Video sales calls when replacement equipment is needed

Safeguard Your Water Quality

Did you know 1.6 million Virginians depend on private wells for domestic water? Homeowners are responsible for monitoring the water quality and safety of residential wells. To ensure pure, clean water for your family, schedule an annual well inspection and water test. Tasks covered in our annual checkup include:

  • Video inspection of the well system
  • H2O testing for bacteria & nitrates
  • Water quality & appearance checkup
  • Water treatment filter changes, as needed
  • Pressure & balance tank measurements
  • Inspection of electrical controls & connections
  • Well seal & cap inspections
  • Secure cloud storage of maintenance & repair records

Parrish Pump & Well Services

Parrish Services is your one-stop plumbing and electrical well services provider. Our licensed professional contractors ease you through the complicated process of pulling permits and scheduling inspections for new construction. When it’s time to sell your home, we perform and document the required well inspections and water quality testing.

Count on Parrish for a full range of pump and well services, including:

  • New water system installations
  • Water line installations
  • Well inspections
  • Emergency well services
  • Pump installation, repair & maintenance
  • Pressure tank installation & balancing
  • Constant pressure/VFD systems
  • Water storage systems
  • Water filtration
  • Water testing
  • Wind & solar well applications

Protect Your Rural Home’s Power

Each year, storms and flooding down power lines and cause electrical outages throughout Northern VA. If your family relies on a well, a power outage can also shut off your water. Your family’s comfort and care of pets and livestock are in jeopardy. Protect your home from unexpected power disruptions with a backup generator.

At Parrish Services, we install and service portable generators and automatic backup generators for rural and suburban homes. Call (571)-650-1016 tosee affordable emergency power options in a video sales call. Connect online with Parrish Services to set up an on-site visit.