Trip Charges and our No-Risk Estimates

We’re often asked about our trip charges. They’re common in the industry. When we send a properly trained, licensed, and insured technician driving a fully-stocked vehicle to your home, there’s a charge. But we want to earn your business, so here are a few details about our trip charges you might find helpful.

  • If we send a non-technician to your home, we do not charge a trip charge.
  • The trip charge includes both the drive to your home and up to 30 minutes of diagnostic time.
  • The technician may need less time than 30 minutes to diagnose your problem, but any service beyond the diagnosis is not included in the trip charge.
  • We offer a no-risk guarantee regarding our trip charges. If you’re still not one of our service agreement customers:
    • We charge $106 to send a technician to your home during regular business hours; and
    • If you decide not to purchase from Parrish but within 30 days of our visit you purchase that service from another properly licensed service provider, we’ll refund you 110% of the trip charge. Just send us a copy of the final proposal along with your proof of payment, and we’ll send you a check.