Gas Lines & Conversions

Northern VA Gas Lines & Conversions

Is it time to replace your old propane or fuel-oil furnace? Clean-burning natural gas is a good choice for powering your home’s water heater, cooktop, clothes dryer and heating system. Supply lines deliver inexpensive natural gas throughout Northern VA cities and rural communities, and Parrish Services installs natural gas lines and completes home fuel-oil conversions. Ask about extending new or existing gas lines to include appliance installation, fireplace inserts, pool heaters and outdoor kitchens, too!

Hire a Home Maintenance Concierge

Parrish Services’ licensed contractors bring equipment, skill and experience to your gas line conversion—without the need for multiple contractors, subcontractors or other third parties. Trust our qualified technicians to submit your plans, obtain necessary permits and perform excavation, electrical and plumbing work. Our expertise includes coordinating gas line installation with local utilities, scheduling inspections and providing gas connection for new appliances or other gas-powered devices. If necessary, we can also modify your electrical supply!

Use our handy mobile app to track the arrival of Parrish Services’ technicians. With our one-stop services, you’ll save time and worry knowing we’ll complete your project—on time and on budget.

Convert to Natural Gas With Parrish Services 

When it’s time to replace your heating system, harness the uninterrupted convenience and energy efficiency of natural gas. Call (571)-650-1016 or connect online to schedule an appointment or video sales call. Ask about natural gas line installation, conversion and furnace replacement.

Advantages of Natural Gas Conversion

Why should you convert to gas appliances and heating? Consider these benefits of using natural gas in your Northern VA home:

  • Quiet, safe heating & appliance operation
  • Proven energy efficiency
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Precise, controlled cooking
  • Cleaner & greener than other fossil fuels
  • Abundant domestic supply & widespread infrastructure
  • Variety of gas appliance options
  • Uninterrupted supply during storms or disasters

10 Steps to Residential Natural Gas Conversion

With the help of Parrish Services, converting to natural gas for home heating, cooking and outdoor entertaining is a snap. You can maintain your busy schedule while Parrish sees to these details and more:  

  1. Determining natural gas availability in your area.
  2. Developing a conversion plan for your property.
  3. Performing a site survey.
  4. Applying for necessary permits.
  5. Identifying underground hazards before digging.
  6. Installing natural gas lines & backfilling trenches. 
  7. Installing desired gas appliances or furnaces.
  8. Air testing all gas lines.
  9. Scheduling inspections.
  10. Contacting gas utility for meter installation & start of service.   

Throughout the gas conversion process, Parrish Services keeps you informed with transparent communication, detailed recordkeeping and app-based access to service records, billing and payment information. Our seasoned, certified technicians and comprehensive heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical expertise make us the one and only home improvement company you’ll ever need!

Call (571)-650-1016 or go online to schedule heating maintenance or request an estimate for furnace replacement and gas line conversions.      

Renewable Energy Options in Northern VA

Whether your home is too far from natural gas supply lines or you’re pursuing sustainable living in the city, Parrish Services offers geothermal heat pumps and eco-friendly climate control options that meet your goals. Eliminate emissions and reduce your carbon footprint today. Call our office at (571)-650-1016 or go online, 24/7, to schedule heating maintenance or request an installation estimate for heat pumps, geothermal services, gas conversion and more.