Electrical Maintenance

Northern Virginia Electrical Maintenance

Northern Virginia homeowners depend on electric power to keep families safe and family life on track. Though electrical shorts and fires are rare, they can lead to disruptive and dangerous situations like these:

  • Injury to family members & pets
  • Damage to expensive electronics & appliances
  • Loss of electronic data
  • Loss of home equity
  • Family displacement & catastrophic home damage

Your residential electrical system is too important to leave to chance. Protect it with yearly electrical maintenance from Parrish Services: 703.659.6069.

Overlooked Electrical Hazards in VA Homes

In the last decade, the number of must-have gadgets in American homes has exploded. Unfortunately, many homes are short on properly installed outlets, wiring and lighting to support these personal electronics and appliances. Extension cords and plug strips are not a safe solution for long-term use, even in newer homes. And in older homes, outdated wiring and overloaded circuits spell real trouble. 

Electrical Maintenance Preserves Peace of Mind

Annual electrical maintenance minimizes safety risks, protects your home investment and keeps your family safe. During an in-depth maintenance check, a licensed technician identifies existing electrical problems and detects potential hazards in electrical components, including:

  • Exterior service meter
  • Service entrance cables
  • Exterior grounding connection
  • Grounding & bonding points
  • Equipment mounts
  • Mechanical parts
  • Grounding bridges (exterior & interior)
  • Power company hook-ups
  • Termination points
  • Main breaker 
  • Voltage & amperage readings
  • Interior receptacles
  • Ground fault receptacles 
  • Main breaker
  • Trip settings for installed breakers
  • Electrical connection points

We also inspect smoke alarm functionality and advise you of safe, affordable energy-saving options for home lighting, battery charging and efficient appliance use.

Purchase a Priority Service Plan

Your busy lifestyle doesn’t leave time for home maintenance chores. With a Parrish Priority Service Plan, you can forget routine tasks and restore fun, worry-free weekends! Our multi-certified HVAC, plumbing and electrical technicians take care of all your system inspections and maintenance in one trip. Then, we record our findings and recommendations in the cloud, where you can access the data when you need it. Priority Service Plans also deliver these added benefits:

  • Discounts on replacement systems & parts
  • Complimentary service reminders
  • Priority scheduling
  • Long-term savings from extended equipment lifespan
  • Improved energy efficiency 
  • Easy access to maintenance & warranty records

With Parrish maintenance agreements, you choose the service level you need—so maintenance fits every homeowner’s budget. Connect with Parrish online or call 703.659.6069 to activate electrical, plumbing and HVAC maintenance plans.

Discriminating Clients Love Parrish

Successful homeowners have little time to shop around when an emergency strikes. With Parrish Services, you get responsive 24/7 solutions from certified experts who value your time. We use mobile communications and video conferencing to set appointments, troubleshoot repairs and conduct sales calls. You won’t wait through a four-hour window for service, either, since we text you as soon as our technician is dispatched to your location. New and returning customers agree Parrish is the only plumbing, electrical & HVAC contractor they will ever need.