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Why Should You Consider Installing a Generator?

When ice storms, rain, and high winds batter Northern Virginia, fallen power lines leave thousands of customers without electricity—sometimes for days. Work and home life come to a standstill without power for appliances, lights, and heating or cooling systems. Unforeseen expenses start piling up, and without electricity, refrigerated foods spoil, pipes freeze and basements flood. Relocation costs only add to the stress. Fortunately, you can prep your home and family for power grid failures by turning to Parrish Services for standby generator installation.

What is a standby generator? 

A standby generator is an electrical system that provides power to your home in the event of an emergency.

A generator ensures you always have access to electricity, even during times of extended power outages. Many of the devices feature automatic switches to activate the unit, even when you’re away from home. Wi-Fi monitoring lets you track operation, run diagnostic tests, and spot potential repairs early. Other essential features include auto fuel cutoff, which safeguards against fire and increases energy efficiency.

What are the benefits of a generator? 

A generator is a great way to ensure your family always has access to electricity, no matter the weather.

Here are some of the benefits of installing a generator:

More Efficient and Safer Than Portable Generators

Standby generators can be connected directly to your existing electrical system, making them more efficient than portable models.

Portable generators often use fuel and must be kept close enough to connect to your essential appliances. Which means fumes will release into your living area. By running portable generators inside your home, you risk carbon monoxide buildup. However, standby generators do not release the same volume of fumes as the portable option. Standby generators are kept outside, so there’s no risk of fumes. The generators are connected to an existing fuel line, like your natural gas line.

Protect Food, Appliances, and Your Family

During a power outage, your fridge and freezer will cease to function. After some time, your food will become unsafe to eat. The climate changes caused by an outage can also cause your appliances to become damaged or even your pipes to freeze. If your home relies on a sump pump, you could face major flooding in the event of a power outage, unless you have a generator. Family members who rely on certain medical equipment could be in danger without a way to power those devices. Home generators provide you continuous power and protection, even during an outage. So, your home can continue to run like nothing happened.

Long Lasting

Generators can power your whole home or specific areas for as long as you need. You will not have to worry about refueling it because it will run on your existing fuel supply.

What generator is right for my home? 

People often purchase a generator just before or weeks after a storm. A rushed decision could lead to a generator that’s not right for your home. Think about your options before a storm hits, to make sure you purchase a generator that’s right for you. 

When deciding on a standby generator, size, output, and special features determine the price. If your goal is staying powered up for weeks, you’ll need a whole-house power generator. Looking for a generator to keep lights on and run your freezer and refrigerator? A smaller home standby generator may suffice. 

Recognized as Virginia’s top mechanical contractor four times in the last 17 years and recently awarded Top National Mechanical Contractor, Parrish Services is a turnkey solution for your generator needs. We provide electrical and gas work for full-service installation, so there’s no need for multiple contractors to complete your backup power installation. Contact Parrish Services today for more information on purchasing a generator for your home.

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