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Is Your Water Pressure More of a Trickle? Here’s Why

Is Your Water Pressure More of a Trickle? Here's Why

Have you ever turned on your shower, anticipating a refreshing blast, only to be met with a mere trickle? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that filling a pot in the kitchen sink has become a test of patience. If you’re nodding along, you’re grappling with a common household dilemma: low water pressure. This nuisance isn’t just inconvenient—it can be a symptom of underlying issues in your home’s plumbing system.

It’s important to understand that the causes of low water pressure in homes can often be fixed. Let’s dive into a few of the common problems that could be causing low water pressure in your house.

Check Your Main Shutoff Valve First

At times, the fix can be straightforward: the main shutoff valve of your house governs how water enters your residence. If this valve isn’t fully open, it can definitely lead to low water pressure throughout your house. Homeowners should know where this valve is located, typically inside your home where the main water line enters, or it may be outside.

Malfunctioning Pressure Regulator

If you have one, a pressure regulator reduces the water pressure coming into your home to a safe level. If it’s malfunctioning, you might notice low water pressure in your house even though the city water pressure is fine. A quick test with a water pressure gauge connected to an outdoor faucet can help you diagnose this problem.

The Water Meter Valve

This usually belongs to the water company, but it controls water flow into your home. If recent work was done in or around your house and you suddenly notice low water pressure in the house, this might be the culprit. It could have been closed during the work and not fully reopened afterward.

Hidden Clogs or Corroding Pipes

Believe it or not, clogs and corrosion can restrict your water flow, causing water pressure to be low in the house. Older homes, especially those with galvanized steel pipes, are particularly susceptible to corrosion. Unfortunately, this usually requires a professional plumber to diagnose and repair properly.

Let’s Get That Water Flowing Again!

While some causes of low water pressure can be fixed with a little DIY, others will likely require professional attention. Dealing with the main water line, hidden clogs, or corroded pipes isn’t always a homeowner’s area of expertise. If the water pressure in your house is suddenly low, don’t hesitate to contact the expert team at Parrish Services. We have your best interest at heart and would love to help—let’s get in touch and find a solution! Need a plumber in Manassas? We’re here for you.

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